Thursday, 18 February 2016

All About Me

All About Me

An excited learner
Kitten, Cat, Cats, Animals,
A craAn animal lover
Pizza, Fast, Food, Slice,Notepad, Memo, Pencil, WritingA pizza eater

A funny prankster
YouTube icon | by JurgenA good story writer
A YouTube watcher
A professional sleeper
A video game player
Games, Controller, Video, Pad,
A chocolate craver
crazy cat owner
A dedicated book reader

My Reflection

I have written a Kenning's Poem about me so that other people in the class can get to know more about me.  In our poem we brainstormed different ideas about ourselves.

I was learning to use creative and interesting words for my writing and not repeat my words/ideas.

My next step is to improve my vocabulary and use to re-crafting to make my work better and more interesting.